Unlimited Secure Storage

Store all your files in the cloud. Then access them anywhere online, on your computer, your phone or your tablet.

You can store all kinds of files online - presentations, photos, spreadsheets, documents, and you can then access them from anywhere. Keep your files and your work organised.


No catch. Truly Unlimited.

  • Unlimited Space. There is no catch. With CTS you get unlimited storage space. Never again run out of room. The only limit is that each individual file has to be less than 5GB.

  • Access Anywhere. From your desktop at home, your computer in work, your laptop on holiday, your phone, tablet, access your files anywhere online.

For Your Business


Simple and secure

  • Quick and Easy File Sharing. Stop sending insecure, large attachments over email. Instead, use customised, password-protected links with expiry dates and optional restricted download access.

  • Start Projects Fasr. Instantly create shared folders for projects of any size and control who has access to what using our easy environment.


Control Your Content

  • Granular Permissions. Choose from seven different permission types,including 'view' or 'upload only', to control exactly who has access to which document.

  • No More Out-of-date files. Each document is saved as different versions, with tracking to show who saved which version. You can have access to the most current file, or if anything goes wrong, you also have access to the previous versions.

  • A Great Space-Saver. No need to save on your desktop any more. Once a file is in the cloud, you can open it with Word, Excel or any other application as normal, and save it directly back into the cloud.

For You


An Easier Way to Share

  • No more attachments. Easily and securely share your files with family, friends or colleagues, no matter how big they are, by simply sending a link.

  • Work with others. You can invite others to your folders so they can upload, edit and download files, making it easy to complete a class project, plan a family vacation or gather all your wedding photos in one place.

  • Comments. You can also comment on files directly, so you don't lose important notes.


Your files are safe

  • Don't Lose Files. Your files are not going anywhere. A lost phone or faulty laptop doesn't mean lost files. When files are in the cloud, they are safe and secure.

  • Peace of Mind. Files are stored in secure data centres, Safe Harbour certified. Files are also encrypted so nobody has access unless you let them in, and only then to the files you want them to see.

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